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Bachelor Program - Кафедра фінансів НаУКМА
Україна, 04655, м. Київ, вул. Г. Сковороди, 2 корпус 6, кім. 410, тел.(044)425-60-42, 425-77-37 (факс)

Admission to Bachelor’s degree: Terms and conditions

Admission to Bachelor’s program in Finance is based on the general rules of entry to the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The duration of studying is three years and ten months. The working languages of the education are Ukrainian and English. More detailed information about admission is on the web-site.


Deadline for applications, conducting entrance examinations, competitive selection and admission:

Beginning of the applications and documents admission - 11 July at 9.00

Deadline of applications from persons who have to pass the entrance exams, interviews, conducted by Kyiv Mohyla Academy - July 20 at 18:00

Deadline of applications from persons who do not make the entrance exams, interviews - July 27 at 18:00

Holding of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy entrance exam for persons who have to pass entrance exams, interviews - 21 - 28 July

Publication of the ranking list of applicants indicating recommended for admission to the state budget places - August 1 no later than 12:00

Meeting the requirements for admission to the place of the state budget - 05 August to 18.00 hours

Meeting the requirements for admission to a place at the expense of individuals and legal entities - 10 August

Admission for the state budget - August 6 not later than 12:00

The enrollment of applicants at the expense of physical or legal persons - August 12


Complete and detailed information on the rules of admission to NaUKMA in 2016 is available here.

You can also view the algorithm of the entrance process after application.

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