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Guest lectures

 The Department of Finance is doing everything possible to ensure that students of "Finance, banking and insurance" program have full access to knowledge and highest level education. Therefore, department supports continuous cooperation with foreign leading universities. In particular, in May, a series of guest lectures and webinars was held by the department. On May 22, the webinar of Robert Faffa, professor of the University of Queensland (Australia), took place.

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John Taylor Lecture

 On 18 of May, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy held a guest lecture of John Taylor - Professor at Stanford University, author of well-known "Taylor rule", a former senior economist and member of the Council of Economic Advisers to the USA President, and Deputy of the USA Treasury. The lecture was dedicated to the topic "The Importance of Independent Rule-Based Central Banks".

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Scientific сonference for students and young researchers of NBU

 April 21, 2017, the first Scientific Conference for Students and Young Researchers "Banking Sector and Monetary policy: Development Perspectives", organized by the National Bank of Ukraine and Kyiv School of Economics took place.

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Call for papers

"Scientific Papers NaUKMA. Economics" is a scientific specialized edition that publishes articles in economics. This journal is a reviewed open access journal that supports open access policy allowing free usage of all materials for users or agencies. To publish an article in the issue of 2017 it is necessary to submit paper before the April 30, 2017

Since this year materials to the journal can be submited in electronic version through the site:

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Scientific Conference

February, 3 NaUKMA Finance Department held the Internationa Scientific-Practical Conference "Financial Support of the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine". Professors and PhD students of the Ukrainian and foreign universities participated in the conference.

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Student Conference 2017

January, 25 the NaUKMA Finance Department held International Scientific Practical Conference for Students, Aspirants and Young Researchers "Financial-economic and social world development: modern trends and perspectives". 

It was a great opportunity for the students to gain experience in scientific activities, prepare their speeches and presentations, answer questions and respond comments from other participants. Procedengs of the conference will be published in collection of abstracts.


Regular NBU workshop

The open research seminar is a remarkable initiative of the National Bank of Ukraine. On the 27th of January, Acting head of Research of Central Bank of Sweden, Sveriges Riksbank, Tor Jacobson presented his research on the topic: "Curbing Shocks to Corporate Liquidity: The Role of Trade Credit". Our teachers and students were also fortunate to attend the seminar and to join the economic discussion about current actual issues and research results.

New issue of the scientific journal

Since 2016 the specialized peer reviewed scientific journal "Scientific Papers NaUKMA. Economics" of the Economics Faculty is issued under separate ISSN and has personal page  where the research published in the journal are presented. The "Scientific Papers NaUKMA. Economics" publishes original articles, materials of problematic and controversial nature, original theoretical and empirical researches in finance, economics, marketing, management and business.

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Guest Lecture NBU

 The 24 of November the guest lecture from the NBU representatives was held for the students of the Faculty of Economics. 

Mykhailo Vidyakin, Director of Strategy and Reforms Dept. at the National bank of Ukraine told students about the main modern reforms in the Central bank and in Ukrainian banking system.

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Best teacher at the faculty

The teacher of the Finance department Tetiana Bui was awarded by the best teacher grant from investment company Dragon Capital.

The winner was chosen by the anonymous survey among students. Finance department congratulates Tetiana and is proud of such professors.

Invitation to participate in conference

Finance department of the Economic Faculty, Laboratory of financial economic research of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy invite you to participate in International science conference "Financial support of the social economic development of Ukraine"


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NBU Seminar

Teachers of the Finance department participated at the seminar "Practical aspects of the NBU monetary policy formulation and realization".  

Holding of such seminars for teachers of universities by NBU is good practice of the modern knowledge and approaches dissemination, which promotes a better understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the monetary policy and contributes to the higher level of monetary policy teaching. Thank the National Bank of Ukraine for the opportunity to participate in such events.

"Beer Game"

 In scopes of "Application of System Dynamics Methods in Finance" (PhD Oleksandr Faryna) course for the 4 year students the interactive "Beer Game" was performed. The game was developed by the group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors in early 60th to demonstrate the core principles of the supply chain management. 

Invitation to participate in the conference

Department of Finance invites you to participate in the international scientific conference "Financial, economic and social development of the world: current trends and prospects" that will be held January 25, 2017 at the Faculty of Economics.

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Department Graduate's Scientific Achievements

 Professors and students of the Finance Department participated in an open research seminar of the National Bank of Ukraine, during which our graduate and current PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley, Sergii Meleshchuk presented the results of the study "The Intensive Margin in Trade: Moving Beyond Pareto ".

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Welcome new students!

Dear 1st year students!

Finance department is pleased to congratulate you with becoming bachelor students in finance, banking and insurance. We wish you to spend all your four years of study with inspiration and success. To help you with that we provide some information.

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NBU Lecture

Guest lectures from the leading experts from national and foreign organizations became a great tradition of the Finance Department. In scopes of the Finance Department's cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine the head of the External Sector Analysis Department Taras Tokarchuk held a lecture and told students about the monetary policy features in Ukraine, preconditions and challenges for the inflation targeting. Such a meetings are very important for students as they improve their practical knowledge, expand horizons and help to find a place for the future career or internship. 

NBU Research Conference

Teachers and students of the Finance Department visited the Annual Research Conference of the National Bank of Ukraine "Transformation of Central Banking". Speakers at the conference include representatives from the world's central banks, international financial institutions, leading scholars and experts.

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VI Spring Finance School

Annual meetings of the Finance Department with school students and their parents became a great tradition. 

We invite you to the VI Spring Finance School on 23 April 2016 in scopes of the NaUKMA Open Day. The meeting begins at 13:30 in room 401, building 6, 8/5 Voloska str.