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Ph.D. program: courses

The logical continuation of studying at master’s program is an opportunity of joining the third-level education - graduate or Ph.D. program in Finance, the first in Ukraine doctoral program of European standards, organized in close collaboration with leading international universities and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

The studying on Ph.D. is different from the training offered by the traditional graduate school. The Specialty Council composes for each Ph.D. student the individual schedule of mastering the professionally oriented disciplines necessary for advanced studying of the material and learning of mathematical tools, required for the chosen research topic. By the fundamental principles of the effective combination of teaching and research in higher education, all the Ph.D. students are involved in participating in scientific work in international research groups.

During 2008-2010 six research groups of Ph.D. students and leading scientists, professionals, masters were formed within the Ph.D. program and the laboratory of Financial and Economic Research. They worked on solving the important scientific problems such as analysis of the impact of foreign direct investment and medium-term loans for economic development of Ukraine and countries with economies in transition, analysis of the stability of financial systems, evaluation of optimal amount of reserves for Ukraine in terms of economic instability, the development of modern methods of financial decision-making etc.

Ph.D. Program in Finance focuses on the formation of a new generation of scholars and researchers who have perfectly mastered the economic and financial theory, could comprehensively analyze a macroeconomic situation and financial policy with the use of modern mathematical tools, and were naturally integrated into global information and research space.

Advanced System Dynamics

Teaches: Ivakhnenkov Serhiy

The aim of the course is to deepen and broaden the skills of the  complex economic and financial systems modeling using system dynamics method. During the course, the simulation models and special programs are used to study various aspects of the behavior of the complex economic and financial systems at the macro and microeconomic levels. On the base of the developed models the policies will be analyzed to define the effective strategies of the system improvement. With modern software iThink studens learn to use quantitative and qualitative data to develop and test models that can be used for a wide range of research and discussion of the topical issues and to ensure effective organization of economic and financial relations on the micro and macro level.

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