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University of Bergen

New students in Bergen

 The upcoming academic year has started in unusual conditions for a group of students from NaUKMA. Bachelors, magisters, PhDs and teaching staff were invited to study in Norway. The project is oriented on learning system dynamics methods in modeling economic processes. The first phase was initiated in 2012 and due to its successful accomplishment, the project was prolonged having new aims and opportunities. For the period 2016-2019 the goals of cooperation are to train 45 experts in SD, involvement of other Ukrainian institutions (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv), the establishment of a second online course and cooperation with Ukrainian middle schools. In order to achieve the set horizons, the number of participants was increased and the finance coverage was guaranteed by the Norwegian government. This year’s participants share their impressions after the first studying week.

“Serenity is the feeling immediately to experience arriving in Bergen. Tranquility and harmony of the city are simply amazing. People don’t hurry anywhere, which is rather contrasting to the Kyiv subway rush.” – says Yanchuk Valeriya, bachelor in finance at NaUKMA.

“We came to Bergen at a typical for this region weather. It was a gray day with regular rainy hours. However, everything was so bright and colorful. Intensive dark-green mountain views with white, yellow, red and blue houses at the bottom that create a sense of a rainbow and a fairy tale. There’s a picturesque park with a lake and fountain in the middle of it which runs in any weather. Everything looks clean and well maintained as if it is new and just built even though the city has a long history.” – tells Diana Tikhonova, bachelor in finance at NaUKMA.

“The University of Bergen is one of the biggest in Norway. Its reputation and prestige we noticed from the very beginning of the introductory lectures. All international new students were invited to an informative meeting concerning various aspects of academic and cultural specifics of studying in Bergen, which was really useful in practice. And of course, all Ukrainian students enjoyed the free gifts, food, and entertainment offered by the university.” – shares Yulia Shirianina, bachelor in finance at NaUKMA.

“System dynamics course has around 60 attendants from different countries and continents. The student's group is assorted in educational levels as well. The differences are even in specializations. But everyone is highly motivated and interested in the subject. People ask a lot of questions that are welcomed by professors resulting in a constructive dialog. There’s a common practice of group projects that oblige the involvement of people from different countries. Such experience is unique and valuable.” – says Andriy Frytsiuk, bachelor in finance at NaUKMA.

“System dynamics offers a wide range of opportunities. An additional method is always an increase in quality of a research. The idea of stocks and flows can be applied in economics on both the macro- and micro- levels, and I’m confident to use the method for modeling the Ukrainian banking system for my master’s thesis.” – says Victoria Borodii, master in finance at NaUKMA.

“The enrollment to the University of Bergen also gives an access to the university’s library, which offers high-quality databases, modern scientific journals, and publications by well-recognized authors. Being incorporated to the recent achievements of world scientific community is rather fundamental to a successful financial inquiry.” – adds Pavlo Leshchenko, Ph.D. in finance at NaUKMA.

All in all, there is a significant enthusiasm in the eyes of the respondents that impresses with its intensity and purposefulness. Students are highly motivated to master new knowledge and overcome the pressure of understanding the complicated material by enjoying the studying process and conditions for it.