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Investment Management - Кафедра фінансів НаУКМА
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Invest in your future with the Master Program of Finance of Kyiv Mohyla Academy!

Master’s Program in Finance is a unique combination of thorough academic education and relevant experience of Ukrainian and European experts. No matter how you see your future: in the scientific field, or in the leading global or local companies, our master's program will give you the self-confidence and your managers or employers will be pleasantly surprised by the level of your preparation and competence.

We do not give all the ready answers, but we give you the opportunity to make your discoveries in a friendly atmosphere and improve your leadership skills. We do not teach you how to think, but we will show you how to transform knowledge and experience to success.

Investment Management

Teaches: Mertens Oleksandr

In the course the achievements of the whole financial science is absorbed to valuate investment projects and control their realisation. The basic methodological approach to valuation is the net present value criterion, internal rate of return, and the option approach. The main difference from the standard methodologies of project valuation with the help of formal discounting and CAPM theory is the consideration of the project flexibility during its realisation period. On separate examples it is shown how improper valuation of flexibility influences the divergence in highly profitable projects. It especially concerns mining, pharmaceutical, building, and high-tech industries. Successful implementation of this methodology in connected with the advance of Japanese corporations in the high-tech industry in the end of 1990s. The contemporary methodologies of portfolio valuation of investment projects are a subject of high interest of Ukrainian financial-industrial groups, holdings, and financial institutions.


Course Schedule

Theme 1. Markets and Instruments.

Theme 2. Stock Analysis and Valuation.

Theme 3. Method of Discounting Cash-Flows in Investment Solutions and Business Valuation.

Theme 4. Capital’s Structure and Value of Business.

Theme 5. Real Options in The Investment Solutions.

Theme 6. Bond Markets.

Theme 7. Futures and Forwards Contracts. Options.

Theme 8. Methods and Styles of Investment Portfolio Management.

Theme 9. Introduction to Technical Analysis.

Theme 10. Direct Investing Funds and Risky Funds.


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